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About Us/Disclosure is owned and operated by Solana Health in Del Mar, California. It is our aim to educate consumers about dry eye syndrome and macular degeneration. We are an eye health company specializing in solutions for Dry Eye Syndrome, Macular Degeneration and preventative care for eye disease. Our products are unique and clinically proven.


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“The patient was thrilled with her improvement as measured by the decrease in OSDI of 23 points in just 30 days”— Clifford Silverman, OD, Diplomate Board of Optometry


Ultra Dry Eye TG utilizes the most potent Omega-3 available in the natural triglyceride (TG) form to conveniently and effectively treat dry eye.  Relief is usually felt in 4 – 6 weeks.

Ultra Dry Eye TG Omega-3 is in the TG form, which means it absorbs directly through the stomach lining into the blood stream –this gives it superior bio-absorption and no fish burps guaranteed!

  • 810mg Omega-3, 505mg EPA, 210mg DHA of Triglyceride Omega-3 per 1g softgel
  • 34% more potent than Nordic Naturals and PRN per 1g softgel (810mg vs. 600mg)
  • Only 3 softgels/day delivering 2,430mg Omega-3!
  • Only Omega-3 available in individually blister packaging – protecting it from Oxygen – the enemy of fish oil.
  • Only Omega-3 available in easy-to-swallow mini softgels – 50% smaller than standard fish oil pills!

Click to Find Out How You Can Improve Dry Eye in 30 Days Guaranteed!

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What is Dry Eye? And How to Treat It by Dr. R. Anthony Hutchinson, OD

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