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How to Choose the Best Eye Glasses

When it comes to choosing our eye glasses, we tend to think solely about how they will look once on. However, unless you have all the time in the world, you can’t really try every pair of glasses that is available. Luckily, you can narrow down your choices by following the suggestions below.

Face Shapes and Eye Glasses

The table below highlights the most common face shapes and details about the eye glasses that match.

Face Shape Glasses to Try Glasses to Avoid Details
Round ·  Rectangular frames

·  Square frames

· Round frames

· Rimless frames

· Small frames

If you opt for rectangular or square frames, they will likely be wider than your face, thereby making the face look longer and slimmer. The glasses to avoid, however, will only make you look rounder in the face.
Oval ·  Strong bridges

·  Wide glasses

·  Geometric shapes

· Supersize glasses If you cover more than half the face up with glasses, then your symmetry and natural balance will be destroyed.
Square ·  High on the bridge

·  Round frames

·  Oval frames

· Boxy glasses

· Angular glasses

With a square face, you will want to try and soften your natural lines. Boxy, angular glasses will make your face boxy.
Diamond ·  Up sweeping frames

·  Oval frames

·  Cat eye glasses

· Narrow frames

· Boxy frames

You want to make sure that your delicate features and cheekbones are accented. If you go for something narrow and boxy, your cheeks’ width will be accentuated. Instead of enhancing your narrow features, they will draw attention to them.
Heart shaped ·  Bottom heavy frames

·  Low set temples

·  Square with curved edges

·  Round with curved edges

· Embellished tops

· Decorative temples

With a heart shaped face, you are likely to have a high forehead. You want to make sure, therefore, that attention is drawn away from that area of your face.
Base up triangle ·  Wide bottomed frames

·  Light colors

·  Rimless frames

· Dark frames

· Bulky frames

You want to create an airy and light effect, so that the top of your face doesn’t look as wide.
Oblong ·  Deep frames

·  Contrasting temples

·  Decorative temples

·  Low bridge

· Wide frames Wearing the right glasses will make your face appear more balanced and shorter. Opt for a low bridge to make your nose look shorter.
Base down triangle ·  Frames with heavy accents

·  Cat eye shapes

· Rimless frames With the base down triangle face, you want to add width to your forehead, emphasizing that part of your face.

So how do you know which frame is best for you? Basically, opposites attract. You want something that contrasts with your natural lines, in other words. According to the Vision Council, there are three key things to remember:

  1. Your personal best feature should be repeated. Wear a green frame if you have green eyes, for instance.
  2. There should be a contrast between the shape of your face and the shape of your glasses.
  3. The size of the frame should be scaled with the size of your face.

What About Colors?

The Vision Council has reported that there are three things to remember when choosing a color:

  1. Whether your coloring is warm (yellow based) or cool (blue based)
  2. Choosing your own color base
  3. Complement your own coloring with the color of your eyewear.

The table below highlights how to determine your personal perfect color palette.

Feature Cool Warm
Skin ·      Pink undertones

·      Olive skin

·      Covers 60% of the population in this country

·      Peaches and cream

·      Yellow

Eyes ·      Blue eyes, when almost violet

·      Medium brown

·      Dark brown

·      Blue grey eyes

·      Light cider brown

Hair ·      Ash brown

·      Salt and pepper

·      Auburn

·      White

·      Blue-black

·      Platinum

·      Strawberry blond

·      Dirty gray

·      Carrot

·      Brown-gold

·      Brownish black

·      Golden blond

With the table above, you should be able to determine whether you are mostly cool or mostly warm. This, in turn, can help you determine the right and wrong colors for your personal tone, as the table below highlights.

Personal Tone Details Good Match Bad Match
Warm ·     Golden skin

·     Bronze skin

·     Yellow skin

·  Olive green

·  Beige

·  Honey

·  Gold

·  Brown shades

·  Light tortoise

·  Warm blue

·  Fire engine red

·  Off-white

·  Coral

·  Peach

·  Orange

·  Copper

·  Gold

·  Khaki

·  Camel


·Contrasting colors



Cool ·     Blue skin

·     Pink skin

·  Gray

·  Mauve

·  Blue

·  Purple

·  Pink

·  Dark tortoise

·  Black

·  Silver

·  Blue-gray

·  Rose-brown

·  Magenta

·  Plum

·  Jade

·Colors that wash you out

·Natural colors

Consider Your Lifestyle

You also have to think about how your glasses match your lifestyle. What sort of things do you do when you wear your glasses? Active people, for instance, may want frames that can bend and twist, but won’t break. Gamers should have completely different glasses. Office workers, meanwhile, want something else altogether.

Similarly, your frames have to speak of your personality. Perhaps you are fun-loving during the weekend, but very professional during the week. You may even, in that case, opt for two pairs of glasses.

Then, there is fashion. While you should find something that actually looks good on you, most of us want something that is “hip” as well. If you want to follow the color trends, then Pantone releases the new “in” colors every fall and spring. However, you need to make sure that your main focus is on what suits you, not what the fashion industry tells you. Do also think about what you’re wearing, particularly if you’re fashion conscious. Your glasses should enhance and accessorize your overall outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing Glasses

Q: Why do I have indents on my nose’s side after wearing glasses?

A: This usually means that your pads are too tight or not properly adjusted. Make sure you ask your optometrist to fix this for you.

Q: Why does the back of my ears hurt after wearing glasses?

A: This means that your frame’s arms are bent too tight. This ache does not get better over time. The arms should be properly adjusted, so go see your optometrist.

Q: How do I make sure my glasses are and stay clean?

A: There are plenty of glasses wipes that you can purchase. Running them under some water with a bit of detergent on your fingertips will also work. Do not use high temperatures or chemicals.

Q: Glasses always slide off my nose, how do I stop that?

A: You need to check your fitting, your bridge size, and your frame width. Generally speaking, your optometrist should be able to adjust this.

Q: Why is it so expensive to buy titanium frames?

A: Titanium is an expensive metal that is particularly suitable for people with allergies. They are also very durable, however, so may be the good option if you see your glasses as a long term investment and you want to reuse them if you ever get a new prescription on your eyes.

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